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My daughter thought the penguins that are made out of Oreos on the cover of (Almost) Too Cute to Eat were the cutest treats ever! This fun book is from CQ Products, and is filled with creative ideas, many of which use store bought cookies and candies, so they are really simple and quick to create. Oatmeal cookies can easily be made into teddy bears by adding ears and a snout, plus M&M’s for their eyes and nose. I thought the frosted graham cracker cell phones would be fun for a teen party, with their Smarties for buttons.

There are holiday ideas too, like the Birds of a Feather, which have butterscotch flavored “nests” with tiny birds (who resemble the Twitter bird!) sitting in them, along with a few candy eggs. Miniature layer cakes are made from two sandwich cookies that are stacked and frosted. They are perfect for a birthday celebration with their edible candle and sprinkles, but we also made holiday cakes on Christmas Eve to leave for the elves so they would have something to eat, too! All of the suggestions in (Almost) Too Cute to Eat would also be ideal for crafts for kid’s groups or to celebrate with!