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mini book cupcake

mini book cupcake

If you have a Fig Newton and some frosting you can make a mini book cupcake! The video above from FamilyFun shows you how easy it is to make it. They also show how to add a tiny calculator and a red apple. I think it could be fun for back-to-school time!

Mini Book Cupcake

White frosting
Black gel
Fig Newton
Small Hershey bar square or Candy Blox
Green fruit leather leaf
Red candy Runts apple

First spread a layer of white frosting on a cooled cupcake. Use black gel frosting to decorate a Fig Newton to resemble a schoolbook and place it on top of the cupcake.
For a calculator, add gel icing buttons to the smooth side of a small Hershey bar square or Candy Blox. (You can even add an extra piece of candy for the calculator’s display screen.)
Finally, use a drop of water to stick a green fruit leather leaf to a red candy Runts apple, and set it in place on the cupcake.