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hats & broomsticks

hats & broomsticks

This is a fun craft from All You magazine. They make little witches hats and broomsticks out of cookies, kisses, pocky, and other treats and make them into fun party favors or decorations for Halloween.

Witch Hat and Broomsticks
Cast a spell with cookies that make clever use of supermarket candies.

Green and orange icing
Chocolate Kisses
Chocolate cookies (such as Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers)
Yellow fruit slice candies or spice drops
Sugar Chocolate-covered cookie sticks (such as Pocky or Oreo Fun Stix)
Red Fruit Roll-Ups

1. Use a dot of icing to attach a chocolate Kiss to center of each cookie.

2. Decorate hats by piping orange or green icing in short spikes or simple bows around base of Kiss.
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