Cornucopia Cake Pops

Cornucopia Cake Pops How fun are these cornucopia cake pops, they'd be perfect for Thanksgiving! Candy runts spill out of the tasty sweets and eating them on a pop makes them all the more fun! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS AT CRAFTSY!

Acorn Candies

Acorn Candies All you need to make edible acorns is chocolate kisses and a mini vanilla wafer with a chocolate chip on top! Use frosting to attach and you have an adorable Thanksgiving Autumn treat! Party City

Ice Cream Polar Bear

Here's a super easy way to make a polar bear out of ice cream. Scoops of vanilla ice cream form the body of the bear, with Cheerios for ears and gumdrops for arms and legs! Add some chocolate frosting or small candies for face and paws. Dreyers

Mini Muffin Tin Pies

Mini Muffin Tin Pies Using a muffin tin is a perfect solution to get adorable little pies! Love the unique little touches she uses for the cute pies!

Penguin Appetizers

Penguin Appetizers Slice a V into the tip of a large pitted black olive and fill it with cream cheese. Cut a V from a thin carrot "coin," saving the V for the penguin's beak. Add a dab of cream cheese to the carrot coin and stand the olive on top of it. Add a head,...

Candy Turkeys

Candy Turkeys Make adorable little turkeys with Oreo cookies and candy! What a fun idea for the kids for Thanksgiving.

Zoku Character Pops

How fun are these Character Ice Pops? They are made out of silicone molds, you just run it under warm water to release them. They even double as lollipop molds; you can use melted chocolate or candy instead of fruit juice. There's a princess, turtle, kitty, bird,...

Autumn Ice Cream

Autumn Ice Cream in an Apple Hollowing out an apple with a melon baller and filling it with Autumn themed ice cream makes a lovely dessert for Thanksgiving! Dreyers

Halloween Marshmallows

Halloween Marshmallow Characters These creepy cuties start with marshmallows and then add Color Mist Food Color Spray and Candy Melts Candy to create Frankenstein, Dracula, and a pumpkin!

Candy Corn Cookies

Candy Corn Cookies Colored sugar cookie dough layered and cut into triangles and sprinkles make up these candy corn cookies for Halloween!

Creepy Cute Spider Cookies

Creepy Cute Spider Cookies These cute spider cookies are made with peanut butter cups, licorice and candy eyes.

Cheesy Witch Brooms

Cheesy witch brooms Cheesy witch brooms are easy to make with pretzels and string cheese!

Halloween Strawberries

Dip dry strawberries into colored candy melts and then add faces to create Halloween strawberries of pumpkins, Frankenstein, Dracula, skeleton and a ghost!

Frankenstein Ice Cream

Frankenstein Ice Cream Pistachio or mint and chip ice cream would work perfect for these Frankenstein Ice Cream Cups. Candy corn "bolts" and candy eyes finsh them!

Pumpkin Patch Cakes

Mini Chocolate Cake Pumpkin Patch Great idea to use chocolate Little Debbie cakes to make these Mini Chocolate Cake Pumpkin Patch even faster and easier!

Halloween Monster Donuts

Halloween Monster Donuts Finally something fun to do with those fake vampire teeth! Halloween monster donuts also use M&M for eyes.

Pumpkin Rolls

Pumpkin Rolls Twisting bread makes delicious pumpkin rolls, perfect for either Halloween or Thanksgiving!

Oreo Bats

Oreo Bats Cute and super easy Oreo bats out of a peanut butter cup, candy eyes and an Oreo!

Eggs & Toast Shakers

I thought that these adorable, smiling faces of an egg along with a piece of toast would make any kitchen more welcoming! The yolk and white are magnetized so they "stick together". Click here to see them on ModCloth!

Pom Pom Bunny

Learn how to make a cute bunny out of pom poms for Easter! Having a pom pom maker helps it go quickly.

Colorful Mug Cake

Make a colorful cake for one in your microwave. This one cooks in just a minute! Confetti Mug Cake 3 tablespoons yellow cake mix 1 tablespoon water 2 tablespoons unsweetened applesauce 1 tablespoon egg 1 teaspoon confetti candy sprinkles 3 tablespoons rainbow chip...

Sock Snowman

Have any extra socks sitting around? How about making a cute sock snowman out of them! Watch the video below to see how (may take a few seconds to load): حيلة جميلة تصنعها سيدة من أبسط الأشياء بمنزلكPosted by ‎ | مجلتكِ‎ on Saturday, February 14,...

Super Easy Cornucopia Cookies 

These tiny, miniature cornucopia cookies are adorable and so easy to make, too! What a fun treat for Thanksgiving!

Animal Cookie Necklaces

A Joyful Riot made these circus animal necklaces to look just like the fun pink and white cookies. Love the colorful sprinkles!

Cute Cat Planters

How fun are these cute cat planters made out of painted plastic soda bottles?! What a great way to recycle!

Rainbow Cookies

Watch the video below to see how to make and decorate these gorgeous rainbow cookies for St. Patrick's Day!

Valentine Tart

What a great idea to make a tart look like an envelope and fill it with yummy fruit! This is a perfect idea for a Valentine's Day dessert for your special someone. Click here to see the recipe at Victoria magazine!

Little Lady Sewing Pattern

Over at Craftsy, you can get a pattern for these adorable Little Ladies! You can then make your own little cloth dolls with a hand embroidered or painted face, and a pretty sun dress and pair of Mary Jane shoes. Finish them with whatever color yarn hair you like!

3D Christmas Trees

To make Christmas trees into a fun 3D look, just use frosting to attach small triangle-shape cookie wedges to a round sugar cookie base. Attach frosted cookie trees to the round cookie using the triangle cookie as a prop to hold it up. See details at BHG!