Kiwi Turtles

Make a fun treat for the kids this summer with green grapes, a slice of kiwi and black sesame seeds for eyes.

Watermelon Bowls

Over at SheKnows they show you how to make these amazing edible watermelon bowls. They are filled with pink sorbet with mini chocolate chips on top and they just look so refreshing and are perfect for summer bbqs and parties!

Owls Cupcakes

Family Circle shows us how to make these super easy, and fun for Autumn, owl cupcakes.

Surprise Cupcakes

Find out the trick for having a pink heart hidden inside your cupcakes! See the recipe at McCormick!

Cute Stuffed Animals!

[amazon_link asins='B017T2Y386,B00LMZL3BM,B00P5P6N10,B00W8LBTMC,B01GS5YJPW,B06WD3SW18,B01D5CAZCM,B01NBWAK33' template='ProductGrid' store='theupwardspir-20' marketplace='US' link_id='3cb89482-4cf8-11e8-9641-1df3fb45fd54'] [amazon_link...

Mini Gingerbread House

Make up a batch of these adorable little gingerbread houses from Tablespoon and they can perch on your cup of hot cocoa! How fun to decorate them, too!

Fruit Kabobs

Create these fun shapes using your favorite cookie cutters. Add them to skewers and you have a yummy, Summer treat. You can also mix things up by using different kinds of fruit.

A Zombie Ate My Cupcake!

If you're looking for a cupcake cookbook for Halloween treats, this is it. It is a nice, hardcover and the size is approx. 8 x 8 inches. Many recipes are quite clever, like Shattered Glass cupcakes, which uses shards of broken sugar "glass" as a cupcake topper, which...

Love The Earth Cupcakes

Show your love of planet Earth with a hidden heart in the middle of the beautiful blue and green cupcakes covered with a cloud of white frosting! Get the recipe at Tablespoon!

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

I thought these yummy cinnamon roll cookies from Picky Palate, were a fun take on the class breakfast treat! Great for lunchboxes!

Bug Cupcakes

Making these cute, little buggie cupcakes from Betty Crocker would be a fun activity for a children's party or group project! Here's a tip: When cutting gumdrops, you can dip knife or kitchen scissors in water to keep from sticking. Bug Cupcakes 1 box cake mix (any...

Melon Ball Bowls

Here's a quick and easy summertime treat! And it's healthy, too. Just use your melon baller to cut out spheres of cantaloupe, watermelon and honey. Slice off the bottom of a hollowed out half of a lime or other citrus fruit. Then fill the citrus half with the melon...

Minion Marshmallows

Make up some marshmallow pops from Tablespoon that look like the Minion from Despicable Me. They're easy to make using marshmallows, candy melts, fruit roll ups, and candy eyes. They look great on lollipop sticks or sitting on top of mini brownie bites!

Fun Cookbooks

I hope to live on the road more than we have in the past someday. Meanwhile, I've started to wonder about the practical aspects. Especially money and health. If you have to eat out everyday, that's going to eat into savings quickly. And if we try to live off of pop...

Spider Cookies

Need a super quick and easy Halloween craft? Even the kiddos can easily help with these spider cookies that use packaged chocolate marshmallow cookies. Black licorice rope 4-1/4 oz. tube white icing 9 oz. pkg. chocolate-covered marshmallow cookies 16 assorted candies...

Chocolate Peanut Butter Acorns

Learn how to make super easy edible acorns with peanut butter sandwich cookies, a Hershey's kiss, and chocolate chips. Perfect to use to decorate the kid's table at Thanksgiving!

3D Honeycomb Cookie

Stacked 3D cookie treats are showing up in so many fun forms and Haniela's has made this particularly adorable honeycomb version. I've seen so many bee baby showers lately, that these would "bee" perfect for as a party favor for the guests! They certainly could be...

Igloo Cupcakes

I thought these igloo cupcakes from Taste of Home were so cute and creative. They are made by covering a cupcake with whipped topped and then marshmallows. Add some icing penguins, bears or other holiday themed decorations to complete them! Supplies:  

DIY Sugarplum Fondant Candy

Make your own sugarplums, with this easy tutorial from the Craftsty blog. These would work great for cupcake toppers or to use to decorate cakes or cookies.

Ice Cream Clowns

This video shows how to make a cute clown out of ice cream. What a great idea for birthday parties, including allowing the kids to make the treats themselves for a party activity!

Heart Brownies

Land O'Lakes gives a recipe for making these lovely heart shaped decorated brownies. They are frosted and decorated with cute sprinkles, what a tasty gift! Supplies:

Baby Rattle Cupcakes

What a fun and simple idea for a baby shower! I like how they used a lollipop for the handle, so perfect! See these baby rattle cupcakes over at Gooseberry Patch.

Fondant Bumble Bee

This fondant bumble bee looks adorable on top of cupcakes or sugar cookies! The Craftsy blog shows you how to make one yourself, with step by step directions!

Rainbow Swirl Cookies

These brightly colored swirled rainbow cookies look great on a stick! Get the recipe at Gooseberry Patch!

Rainbow Bento Box

All the colors of the rainbow are found in this delicious and nutritious bento box over at Tablespoon. I like how the containers match the foods! Get the info at Tablespoon! Cool bento boxes:

Easter Bunny Cake Cones

Make an adorable sweet treat for Easter with these bunny cupcake cones! How to Make Easter Bunny Cake Cones - YouTube.