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lollipop flowers

lollipop flowers

These lollipop flowers from ALL YOU are perfect for a simple Valentine’s Days project. All it takes is some pretty patterned cardstock cut into heart shapes and arranged into a flower shape. A lollipop stuck in the middle makes them a fun treat for kids to give out on Valentines Day. I liked the idea of placing them in pots filled with conversation hearts!

Lollipop Flowers
YOU’LL NEED (yields one large flower):

Large and small heart-shaped paper punches (at craft stores)
6″ x 6″ piece of patterned card stock
4″ x 4″ piece of card stock in a complementary pattern
Hot-glue gun
Clear tape
¼” hole punch
Lollipop (we used Dum Dum pops)
4″ x 4″ sheet of clear cellophane or plastic wrap

1. Using large paper punch, make four hearts out of 6″ x 6″ card stock. Using small paper punch, make four hearts out of 4″ x 4″ card stock. Center one small heart over one big heart; hot glue to secure. Repeat to make four double hearts. Gently bend each heart down the middle so it lifts up a bit.

2. Position two double hearts with pointy ends together, overlapping enough for a ¼” hole punch. Tape hearts together on underside of card stock; use punch to make hole through overlapping points. Repeat with other set.

3. Unwrap lollipop; rewrap in clear cellophane. Twist ends of cellophane around lollipop stick tightly and secure with small piece of tape. Lay one pair of hearts on top of the other so that holes line up. Slide lollipop stick through holes.

4. Hold stick in your hand. Slide hand up stick and use fist to gently push petals up; hot glue underside of each heart together to hold petals in slightly lifted position.