review:  one spooky night

review: one spooky night

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Halloween can be over all too quickly, so it can be nice to have a way to make that special time last a little longer, like with a special story. One Spooky Night: A Halloween Adventure, written by Kate Stone and published by Accord, is a delightful book with simple, yet striking graphics, that perfectly evokes the feeling of Halloween. I loved the interactivity of One Spooky Night, with its cut-outs, glittered pumpkins and occasional see-through vellum pages. In the story a little monster learns that when something seems scary on the outside, things may not be what they seem. Maybe you just need to see it a bit more clearly and then it won’t be frightening at all! (I could definitely learn to do better at that!) In One Spooky Night, he proceeds with confidence and ability, conquers his fears and is met with a fitting reward at the end!

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  1. Kathy

    You had me at “glittered pumpkins”. This sounds like a neat story. I’ll have to check it out for my Halloween-loving 6 year old niece, who has been announcing her plans to be Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers this year since like…last December. 😉 Thanks for sharing this!

  2. CuteEverything

    Thank you for your comment, Kathy! It is a really fun book and very well designed!

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