review:  cute! a guide to the adorable

review: cute! a guide to the adorable

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Although I like to think of myself as a sort of connoisseur of cute, I certainly didn’t write the book on it. Bart King, on the other hand, has. In Cute! A Guide to All Things Adorable, he teaches the definitive meaning of cute, delving into just about every cute possibility out there. Cute! tells us how things like animals, polka dots, sparkly things, babies and more all have distinct cute elements, and exactly what those elements are. Adorable line drawings throughout Cute! illustrate the lists and explanations of the culture of cute.

Cute! has lots of Interesting facts like info about Japan’s love of “mushi” ie. creepy, crawly critters or their drive to have a cute mascot for everything, even their forty seven prefectures (like states or provinces). I probably couldn’t have guessed the cutest clothes would be considered footie pajamas, but apparently they are! There is even a chart in the back with a rating system set up to gauge cuteness, with options like big head, cute sounds, cuddly, etc. In Cute!, Mr. King leads us through all the reasons why “Cuteness is Happiness”!

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