review:  dinner in a bowl

review: dinner in a bowl

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Dinner in a Bowl: 160 Recipes for Simple, Satisfying Meals, from the Better Homes and Gardens Kitchens, allows the reader to travel around the world to find all kinds of delicious meals served in a bowl. I really enjoyed this armchair vacation, as I looked through the chapters which are arranged according to locale. Since I read cookbooks just for pleasure, the “Bowl Bites” which tell interesting tidbits about the origin of some of the dishes, were particularly fun for me to read. And, the “Make-It-Mine” section at the end of each chapter is a great way to utilize what you have in your kitchen and make a substantial meal from whichever region you are craving. It gives suggestions for items like meats, toppers, garnishes and more to be mixed and matched, thereby creating a special creation with whatever you have on hand.

I went through Dinner in a Bowl and immediately marked all of the recipes that I wanted to try out on my family. The Thai Chicken Noodle Salad was the first on my list and, other than the cucumber, I had everything on hand (including ramen noodles!). The coconut milk added a rich, creaminess and that wonderful Thai flavor. It was so quick and simple to prepare, but I felt like I made a filling and satisfying meal for my family. I love the multi-cutural aspect of Dinner in a Bowl and the photos and recipes are really excellent, it is very clear that a lot of thought and effort went into producing this cookbook.

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