review:  felties by nelly pailloux

review: felties by nelly pailloux

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Felties: How to Make 18 Cute and Fuzzy Friends has eighteen charming creations, each of which takes only felt, thread, and a little stuffing; yet you can produce a tiny feltie friend in just an hour or two. The author, Nelly Pailloux is from France originally, but now she lives in the English countryside. She previously authored the book Crobots, also published by Andrews McMeel, which shows you how to make adorable amigurumi robots.

Felties is an excellent guide for the beginning crafter or the more advanced one who would like to have a quick project and maybe add some extra embellishments. Given my children’s squeals of delight while looking at each of the little cuties, as well as the simplicity of the projects, Felties would be great for kids, too! In Felties, there is a full page photo showing the final product, and the instruction pages have very nice, full color illustrations of each step. Each creature also has a brief biography to let you know a little about their back story.

There are animals to create, like a panda and a lion and cute little people like the Babushka or Mushroom Girl. In Felties, cats can become Samurais or mummies and there is even a little, green alien. If you like to craft cute, little, cuddly things, but you don’t have the time to make a big commitment, then Felties is perfect for you.

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About the author, Nelly Pailloux:

I am French, born and raised in Paris. I’ve lived in the UK on various occasions, first as an au pair and finally settling in Kent 6 years ago with my partner. My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was twelve during the summer holidays. Since then, I have always carried a pair of crochet hooks with me. I was always able to start a project but never finished one and that was before I discovered the Amigurumi trend 3 years ago.

I started by making petite dolls for friends, then writing my own patterns which led to my online shop, La Fée Crochette. Consequently, I was contacted by a publisher and Crobots was born. I have always enjoyed making things and I find that with Amigurumi I can really express my creativity and it is a fresh approach to crochet. It only takes odd bits of yarn and some stuffing, and there you go, in one afternoon you have created something special with lots of personality.

I also like working with paper, fabric, clay, buttons, sequins. I also recently started to work with felt and some mascot concepts were given to a publisher, which led to my second book, Felties. When I’m not crocheting or hand sewing… I’m knitting! I also love running, cooking, watching animés and horror movies (which quite doesn’t go with making cute little things!!).

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