review:  fill in the blank

review: fill in the blank

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Usually drawing inside books is a no-no, but Fill in the Blank actually encourages it! It is perfect for doodlers or even to help remedy a case of artist’s block. Fill in the Blank does the brainstorming for you, which made it easy for me to just focus on creating. I really liked how it got me thinking, not only about art, but also about my personal point of view and preferences.

The pages are set up with large text at the top that explains the scenario and then smaller text underneath gives the drawing prompt. Then you get to make it your own by drawing on the pictures that are set up to enable you to easily express yourself. Some examples are a two page spread of “YOU ARE AN ARTIST, create your biggest work yet”, which is quite an intriguing thought, or “YOU ARE SURPRISED, knock, knock, who’s there?” with four open doors. Who knows, it could be the boogeyman (however unlikely) or a guy delivering flowers!

The ideas range from the humorous: “YOU ARE A CONTROL FREAK, write crazy memos” to my personal fave: “YOU ARE AN ASTRONOMER, connect the stars and create new constellations”. The more I drew in Fill in the Blank, the more excited I got about this avenue of expression, so many fun possibilities!

If you want to try it out for yourself, they have extra pics at that you can download.

Below are some sample pages from Fill in the Blank:

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