review: grace’s sweet life

review: grace’s sweet life

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Grace’s Sweet Life is written by Grace Massa Langlois who has the popular blog She tells us that celebrating food has always been at the forefront of her family traditions and shares some of her favorite sweet items in her new book.

Grace’s Sweet Life is packed with stunning Italian desserts (and beautiful photography), some of which are familiar like Panna Cotta and Chocolate Croissants. Others are more exotic, like the gorgeous heart shaped Strawberry Bavarian Creams or the Chocolate Salami. All of the delicious treats look like something I would see in an Italian bakery, but she gives us the secrets as to how to make all of them at home. The recipes cover every Italian sweet specialty I have ever heard of and has many more, too.

I decided to start with a simpler recipe, so I tried out the Dark and White Chocolate Mousse. They were so creamy and delicious and the berry coulis on the side really made it. I didn’t serve it quite as artistically as she did, with them placed on top of one another, but instead arranged them side by side, which was artistic enough for my family! My goal is to work my way up to the delicate multicolored Italian Peach Cookies, they are so lovely! I really enjoyed learning more about Italian recipes and heritage through Grace’s Sweet Life and I can’t wait to try out more of the tasty Italian treats!

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