review: manga guide to biochemistry

review: manga guide to biochemistry

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The more that we understand about how our bodies work, the easier it is to make good choices that will have positive effects on our health. In The Manga Guide to Biochemistry, the lead character, Kumi, is a teenage girl who loves food, but really feels like she needs to lose weight. Luckily, she has a kind friend who just happens to be taking Biochemistry at school and offers his assistance to Kumi in helping her learn more about how her body works. His teacher is happy to help them both learn the mechanics and chemical reactions of the body, including with a little robot which Kumi swallows so it can get a close-up view of her cells from the inside.

Kumi gets the chance to learn about how fat is actually made in our bodies, so that she isn’t tempted to just go on crash diets anymore. The teacher also explains what happens when she drinks alcohol, and how this toxic substance is metabolized in our bodies. In addition to talking about human physiology, The Manga Guide to Biochemistry also has a good amount of information on biology and how plants handle photosynthesis and other chemical processes. It sure gave me a lot to think about and I was amazed at all the complexities going on inside of me. As Kumi says, “My body works harder than me!”

Click here to read a sample chapter from The Manga Guide to Biochemistry.

About the Author:
Masaharu Takemura is an Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of Science who specializes in molecular biology and life science. A Doctor of Medical Science, he has written several book about biology.

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