review:  three princess party books

review: three princess party books

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Here’s three more fun party books from Barbara Beery and Gibbs-Smith! They are all filled with recipes that are perfect for themed parties or for tea parties or any special occasion. Below I have reviews and pictures for the Spa Princess Cookbook, the Pink Ponies Cookbook and the Green Princess Cookbook: Sweets and Treats to Save the Planet.

The Spa Princess Cookbook has over thirty ideas that will make your spa party extra special! It’s divided into two sections: Spa Treats and Spa Treatments, with professional photographs accompanying each recipe. The suggestions in Spa Princess Cookbook would be perfect for a girl’s party, for any age. There’s lots of tasty recipes, like the Ice Cream Bites, which transform cream-filled sugar wafers into fruity, sparkly ice cream sandwiches. And the Pretty Princess Strawberries are filled with pink cream cheese filling and colorful sprinkles. Several refreshing drink recipes are included, as well as fun treats like fondue and fruit cups. I loved the fruit sushi, sweetened with brown sugar and coconut milk and topped with fruit and drizzle of honey-spice. The Spa Treatments section has ideas to pamper your guests; from Fruity Facials to a Banana Bread Beauty Mask. There are some nice gifts to make for your friends, like the Scented Glitter Gel, Confetti Bath Salts or the Popsicle Soap Bars. The Spa Princess Cookbook has yummy treats (and treatments:) that are simple to prepare, but would be ideal for any “spa” day.

There are thirty recipes in the Pink Ponies Cookbook, all excellent for a pony party theme. I really liked all the fun ideas and the nice photo layouts throughout. There are a lot of recipes to choose from, both savory and sweet, so a whole meal could easily be presented to the girls — and their parents, also! Sandwiches, pasta and nachos, all tying in to the pony party theme, would work well for the main course. Then there are drink and dessert recipes to round it all out. Of course, there are apples, these are dipped in white candy coating and sprinkled with nuts and tiny candies. Since many little ones’ favorite ponies are magical, there are treats like rainbow Fairy Dust Lollipops. The Pony Party Ice Cream Cones combine ice cream and cake all in one portable and edible container! And the carousel cake takes the pink pony cookies (recipe included) and places them around the cake to produce a lovely carousel effect when you add some extra candy. If you have a pony lover in your home, Pink Ponies Cookbook would be a big help in coming up with the perfect pony party!

The Green Princess Cookbook: Sweets and Treats to Save the Planet has many suggestions as to how to eat more “green” and help the environment, your local economy, and your health all at the same time! It contains thirty delicious recipes to make from locally grown and organic foods, complete with gorgeous photos. Having a party using these recipes would be an excellent way to educate children about the benefits of eating green. Plus, it includes extra tips throughout to help you learn how to do better at living green in all areas of your life. I appreciated that many of the recipes were made with healthier ingredients, like honey, soy milk and fruits. There are lots of great ideas, like, if you want to use up your extra zucchini this summer, you could try Off the Vine Zany Zucchini Muffins. Or how about Jungle Boogie Banana Ice Cream made with organic bananas and fresh cream. Making homemade tortillas, butter and jam from recipes in Green Princess Cookbook: Sweets and Treats to Save the Planet would be a engaging party activity. And everyone would love the Flower Power Cookies as a take home gift! Green Princess Cookbook: Sweets and Treats to Save the Planet is a great introduction for kids to eating and living green!

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