review: “share your life” books

review: “share your life” books

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With Father’s Day coming up, I found two cute, little books that are perfect for preserving your father’s (and mother’s!) memories. They will be a gift that keeps on giving, as you can give them to your parents and then they fill them out and share them back with you, your children, and so on.

Dad, Share Your Life With Me and Mom, Share Your Life With Me are created by Kathleen Lashier and published by CQ Products. They are spiral bound books that are small enough to tuck into a purse or briefcase so your mom or dad can bring the book with them on the go and write down a few thoughts while waiting. They have lots of fun and helpful prompts to get your parents started writing. The suggestions cover a wide range of topics, from offering advice for a successful life, to favorite holiday memories.

The books have one page for each day of the year and each page has a suggestion at the top to get your mom or dad thinking about their life. The area beneath the prompt is blank so they can fill it in with their memories.

In Dad, Share Your Life With Me, there are really good ideas to get them going on their memories. Some of them are:

– Tell about the first dance you ever went to.
– Share a favorite Thanksgiving memory.
– What were your best hide-and-seek places?
– Do you have any advice on how to be wise with my money?

And in Mom, Share Your Life With Me, some of the suggestions are:

– Tell any favorite summertime memory.
–┬áTell about family reunions in your childhood.
– Tell about a time when you got lost.
– Tell about someone who had a big influence in your life.

Dad, Share Your Life With Me and Mom, Share Your Life With Me offer wonderful ways to connect with your parents by assisting them in recording their thoughts, and giving them the opportunity to pass them on to future generations.  These books can be a gift that will last forever.

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