review:  the ultimate low-calorie book

review: the ultimate low-calorie book

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Eating light is my favorite way to eat, even if I’m not actively trying to lose weight. My point of view is why not lighten it up as long as it doesn’t lose any flavor? In Better Homes and Gardens The Ultimate Low-Calorie Book, published by Wiley, not only are the recipes light and low calorie, but I appreciated that they clearly sought to include highly nutritious ingredients in them. As the book says, “foods that are good for you and taste great but also help shed excess pounds” was what they were going for.

The Ultimate Low-Calorie Book starts out with info on healthy eating basics, such as charts for portion sizes and smart substitutions like using hummus instead of mayo on your sandwich, plus it has a guide to selecting and storing produce and more. It was interesting and helped me learn more about nutrition and how to eat well. I’m a big label reader, so I also liked the tabs for recipes that are 30 minutes or less, have five grams of fiber or more, and which were low sodium.

The Slow Cooker area had lots of do-it-ahead meals like In Your Sleep Chili, which has only five ingredients in it and then you can add your fave toppings and the Miraculous Makeover section had yummy ideas like the Coconut Shrimp with Mango Rice Pilaf, my kind of dinner! Of course, I couldn’t wait to see what sweets they had lightened up in the No Guilt Desserts section! Triple Chocolate Gelato with milk instead of cream and a Chocolate Cream Cheese pie using sugar free pudding and low fat cream cheese sounded delicious!

With fifteen chapters and over 400 recipes in The Ultimate Low-Calorie Book, it really is a full service cookbook and has suggestions about what to eat all day from breakfast, to sandwiches, snacks, main dishes and desserts. With seasonal treats like the Light and Luscious Pumpkin Pie, there’s even something for the holidays!

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