bunny ring

bunny ring

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For the chocolate bunny lover in your life, here’s a chocolate bunny ring to wear all year round! Or it could be tucked into an Easter basket as a non-edible treat! I thought this bunny ring was just adorable.

More info from Perpetual Kid:


Are you starting to feel guilty about all of those chocolate bunnies you have maimed over the years? They are super cute in the basket until you chomp off an ear or take a bite from his backside. What if there was a way to enjoy the adorableness of the prized chocolate bunny forever?

Our Chocolate Easter Bunny Ring lets you show off your holiday spirit without it melting in your hand or causing bunny-harming remorse.

Assorted styles of the classic bunny poses- side profile or front facing bunny and four different spring ribbon colors. The ring is silver toned and adjustable and the bunny is made of hard plastic.

One ring. One size fits most. Bunny measures 1.25 inches tall x .5 inches wide.

Choose your favorite color bow and we’ll select the bunny’s pose for you!

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