review:  microcrafts by quirk

review: microcrafts by quirk

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As a lifelong lover of all things mini, I was very excited to see the new book, Microcrafts. It is published by Quirk Books and written by Margaret McGuire, Alicia Kachmar and Katie Hatz, who are the authors of a Halloween crafts book that I reviewed last year called Witch Craft.

Opening the book is the sentiment “Small is Beautiful”, to which I heartily agree (and it’s cute, too!). Microcrafts includes complete instructions for twenty five miniature crafts that are contributed by several talented designers, which adds a lot of variety to the types of projects in the book. One obvious benefit in making microcrafts is that it’s a great way to recycle and repurpose your scraps of fabric and other tiny things.

Some of the projects are: Empty nut shells use leaves on toothpicks as a mast and actually float! A tiny bunting attached to a card, present or cake is a festive way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday! Tiny clay treats are easy to make and wear. I loved the gorgeous micro cards based on popular fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel. Teeny monsters, owls and teddy bears also make their appearance in Microcrafts, all perfectly adorable! Ingenious Thistle Feeders are the tiniest bird feeders ever! What about making some of the spool dolls or monster babies and keeping them on hand to give to friends or strangers as a way to brighten their day!

Of course, Microcrafts are perfect on their own, but there’s also directions for turning these minis into useful things like magnets, pins and other accessories. Plus, Microcrafts is a great starting point for coming up with your own micro cuties!

About the Authors:

A big fan of all things miniature, Margaret McGuire is an editor at Quirk Books. She lives in South Philadelphia.

If you’re fast enough to pin down Alicia Kachmar, you’ll find her crocheting up a storm on Etsy (, teaching classes, or stocking the Craft-O-Tron machine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A designer, seamstress, and all-around handywoman, Katie Hatz wears many hats—and has a remarkable tolerance for hat puns. Check out her work at and buy her wares at She lives in Philadelphia.

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