dress up gingerbread

dress up gingerbread

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Food Network offers some festive and fun suggestions on how to dress up gingerbread boys and girls. I thought they had some pretty creative ways to use candies to turn plain gingerbread men and women into very fashionable treats!

“Snip mini marshmallows in half with scissors; toss in colored sugar (it sticks to the cut side). Attach with royal icing.”

“Smash gumdrops together and roll into sheets with a rolling pin, then cut into outfits. Attach with royal icing.”

“This studly fellow’s overalls feature festive stripes of green and red.”

“Daring and playful, with his dazzling mint showpieces.”

“Cut shapes out of the people before baking. Bake, then fill the holes with crushed hard candies; bake until melted.”

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