reviews: princess party cookbook

reviews: princess party cookbook

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Princess Party Cookbook: Over 100 Delicious Recipes and Fun Ideas is written by renowned author Annabel Karmel and published by Atria Books. My daughters loved the ideas for fancy princess parties, plus the fun photos that accompany each of the nine sections. They are already planning their birthday parties with all the great ideas! There are many wholesome recipes that are kid friendly, party friendly, and even delicious for adults, too!

With over 100 recipes and ideas, there is so much to enjoy in this delightful book. The first theme is Makeup and Jewelry, what a fun idea for any little princess’ party! The gelatin gems and jeweled cupcakes were fitting treats for this exciting party. I loved all the Valentine’s Day ideas, many of which would be perfect for all ages to celebrate love on that special day. The beautiful shortbread sweetheart cookies are a perfect example! If you’d like to have a princess party in the Spring, there are many ideas that would make it very fun, including adorable hot cross bunnies. The movie star sleepover has lots of star quality; I loved the chicken caesar salad with the star croutons. For the Princess Soda Fountain party, there are lots of classic comfort food recipes. At the Flower Fairy party, you could serve delicious and healthy flowers made from kiwis, pineapples and other fruits.

There are lots of bright and colorful foods and decorations to have at your Princess Beach Babe party. If you want a vegetarian party, the foods and fun in the Princess and the Pea section are perfect! The final area, Holiday Angels has excellent recipes for creative Christmas treats! I loved the Ice Cream Snowballs covered in white chocolate and rolled in coconut.

Each section includes ideas for crafts and table decorations, as well as other ideas, like fun invitations! This is an excellent cookbook for parties or even to make every day special, with memories for your children or grandchildren that will last a lifetime!

From Amazon:
Product Description
Every little girl dreams of being a princess . . .

And there’s nothing a princess likes more than throwing a party! This enchanting new book allows you to indulge the princess in your little girl with recipes and ideas designed to feed her imagination and encourage her participation in the kitchen.

From Fairy Finger Sandwiches and Rice Krispies Hearts to Emerald Pizza, Ruby-Glazed Chicken, and Gelatin Gems, these are magical, delicious dishes fit for a royal banquet. You’ll be able to celebrate every occasion in style, with Snowflake Cupcakes for the holidays, Pretzel Broomsticks for Halloween, and Tropical Smoothies for the beach.

Filled with ideas for creating themed invitations and table settings, plus tips for making jewelry, gifts, and decorations, this is truly the indispensable guide to the perfect princess party!

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