review: pink princess books

review: pink princess books

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My daughters love anything to do with pink and princesses. So, the Pink Princess book series written by Barbara Beery and published by Gibbs-Smith, couldn’t be more exciting! All three of the books in the Pink Princess series (Cupcakes, Cookbook, Tea Party) have beautiful photography with a colorful picture for every recipe. They also all have spiral bindings so they will lay flat (a big help when cooking!) and glossy pages for easy cleaning. Barbara has a degree in elementary education from the University of Texas and is the founder and owner of Batter Up Kids, a premier children’s cooking school based in Austin, Texas. She teaches cooking classes, hosts birthday parties, and has a website that sells children’s cooking products. Below I’ve written about each book in the Pink Princess Series:

Pink Princess Cupcakes starts with the basics about cupcakes: flavors, mix ins, liners and molds, baking tips and frosting and decorating ideas. Next are five recipes for homemade cakes (fresh strawberry, mmmm!), as well as seven frosting recipes. Following that are twenty eight ideas for fabulous cupcakes that would work well for any princess’ needs! All of them are easy to prepare, with just a few ingredients, so the kids can get in on the fun! There are all kinds of cupcake possibilities from Cupcake Pops made from upside down mini cupcakes to Fairy Princess Hat cupcakes which use ice cream cones for the hat! My favorite is the Frosty Ice Cream Sandwich. To make it you split a cupcake in half and sandwich ice cream in between the two halves and add sprinkles. And then you have the perfect individual ice cream cake, very simply, without all the hassle of making a full size one. There are rainbow, cotton candy and lollipop cupcakes, each a delight! Pink Princess Cupcakes is a lovely book with lots of suggestions for making cupcakes that would enchant any princess!

Some pics from Pink Princess Cupcakes:

The Pink Princess Cookbook is filled with all kinds of party treats for a princess’ special day! It’s tantalizing treats are divided into five sections. The first is Cakes and Cookies, with treats like pastel colored meringue puffs. There are all kinds of Finger Foods in the second chapter, including the Heart Shaped Raspberry Tea Sandwiches that are spread with raspberry cream cheese and topped with fresh raspberries. Tiny Banana Bread Muffins are one of the delicacies in the Breads area. Ice cream in a flower pot, drizzled with chocolate syrup is an excellent way to present your princesses their dessert! My favorite dessert were the Fancy Fruit Tarts that come in a flower shaped pie crust. There’s even a section on refreshing drinks you can serve. I appreciated how easy the foods in the book were to prepare, yet they still looked great! For instance, the crown cookies are made from sugar cookie dough which has maraschino cherry juice added to color it pink, and then is cut into crown shapes and decorated with sugar crystals and colored silver balls. Children can help, if not make the recipes in Pink Princess Cookbook themselves, depending on their age.

Some pics from Pink Princess Cookbook:

Tea parties are such a fun activity for a rainy day or just a day when you need a little something to do. My daughters love to make elaborate settings for their tea parties and have the most wonderful foods they can find. Pink Princess Tea Parties offers many suggestions for special foods to make for tea parties that will make them extra memorable. It starts out with the Sipper section, where the recipe they have for chai tea would be nice and soothing on a cold day. My kids love chai (we use herbal tea) for their tea parties. The next chapter has Cookies and Cakes that you can make for tea time and even has cupcakes that you bake right in the teacup! Dreamy dipped strawberries in the Sweets and Treats area would be a delectable way to add some fruit to the party. In the final section, there are some delightful ideas for Sandwiches and Snacks for tea time, including chicken salad sushi rolls! Pink Princess Tea Parties is a fantastic book to help you brainstorm some options for having special tea parties!

Some pics from Pink Princess Tea Parties:

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