super bowl food

super bowl food

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Have you checked out the Hungry Happenings site lately? Beth has some great ideas for game day! I first met Beth last year when she started her blog around Valentine’s Day and I did a feature on some of her delightful ideas. She is an author and an accomplished creator of all kinds of edible art! I loved her upscale game day treats that you can see below: (Be sure to click on the links to go to her site where she has detailed instructions with step-by-step photos for each of the recipes.)

Those gorgeous golden brown footballs in the photo above are “Football shaped Proscuitto and Asiago Rice Cakes“. Beth really upped the typical Super Bowl fare to something extra special here! What a tasty savory treat!

Sauteed Madeira Mushrooms are the filling for this striking Football Tart. It would be so good for an appetizer or meatless main course. Beth suggests other options for fillings, like a layered Mexican dip or Philly Cheesesteak! Yum!!

This “Diagram of a Football Play on a Chocolate Chalkboard” was actually a suggestion from Beth’s husband, who had the idea to turn her edible chocolate chalkboards she had made for back to school into game play chalkboards. I think it was a brilliant (and delicious) suggestion!

And these little ones are perfect for take home favors. They are so cute wrapped up with ribbons in your team’s favorite colors!

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  1. Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    Thanks Michelle for the wonderful feature. My husband smiled when I told him what you said about the chocolate chalkboards. He likes to contribute when he can, but it really isn’t that often. So, he is proud of his idea.

    Hope your favorite team wins next weekend.

  2. CuteEverything

    You’re so welcome, Beth! I love your creativity and always enjoy whatever you post on your blog!

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