lalaloopsy dolls

lalaloopsy dolls

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Check out MGA’s hottest toy of the year, Lalaloopsy dolls. These are “dolly” dolls, like right out of a Rankin-Bass Christmas special. The idea is that each “rag” doll was sewn from a certain kind of fabric, and when the last stitch was done — just like Frostie the Snowman — they came to life, with a personality to match. MGA kindly sent me Bea Spells-a-Lot, who was made from a schoolgirl uniform. From their button eyes, to their cutesy-cool outfits, to their large size, to their slightly punk aesthetic (way more “Nightmare before Christmas” than a Barbie or dimestore baby doll), I wouldn’t be surprised if super-trendy college girls bought these to decorate their dorm rooms or carry around for fun, so no worries about your tween or teen. And the clever packaging — befitting the doll within — is absolutely darling. So creative and fun.

Lalaloopsy also has a super fun website where girls can play in 3D Land. My girls love going there and playing all the games.

Watch the video below to see Lalaloopsy dolls for yourself!

Actual YouTube Comment from AngstyAngel: “Im 19..and I seriously just bought one
for myself to put on my bed. yupp… SOO CUTE XD”

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