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The brand new Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse has lots of engaging features on both sides of it that keep my kids entertained for hours. It’s a toy that incorporates many cute ideas that children themselves would have wanted in the perfect toy! I thought that the tire swing on the zip line was so fun and then there is an elevator in the tree, a clubhouse that you can use in the tree or on the ground — and the two mini dolls that come with it. You even get to play a whack-a-mole game!

You can watch the video below where my children show some of the fun details of the Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse:

The new Silly Hair Lalaloopsy dolls have really fun hair that my daughters love to bend into all kinds of different styles! Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Jewel Sparkles each come with a pet that has a bendable tail to have lots of fun with! They have a brush, clips and beads to help style their doll’s hair just how my girls like it. In the video below, my daughters explain a little more about their very loved dolls:

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