easter in norway

easter in norway

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A food blogger from Norway named Gry made those delightful cookies in the photo above. She is a wonderful baker and cook and has so many delicious dishes on her site.

I wanted to share some of her Easter recipes with you.

These cupcakes are so beautiful in their Spring colors. Gry used fondant flowers and butterflies to decorate them.

Love the braided wreath and colored eggs! Great for a centerpiece on the table and to eat, too!

Gry has the full directions on her site for these bunny rolls, but you can see they are simple from the steps shown above.

Or you could try these little bunny buns. Cute!

Here is an orange flavored carrot cake. With some pretty sprinkles on top!

Wow! Stunning Easter egg cake with cream cheese and apricot filling.

I have some of these cookie cutters, but I had never thought to use it with fondant. Gry pressed the sprinkles into the fondant with a rolling pin and then cut out the shapes. LOVE!

Beautiful basket of baby birds made from bread dough.

Every month Gry makes a beautiful display in her window to celebrate each season. This one is for March. So lovely!

Visit Gry at her blog!

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  1. Gry

    Thanks for the great review,
    I am very touched!
    Wish you a fantastic Easter!
    Easter Hugs from Norway and Gry. :)

  2. CuteEverything

    You are very welcome, Gry! I love all your wonderful things!

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