turtle cupcakes

turtle cupcakes

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Better Homes & Gardens created these darling turtle cupcakes, perfect for Summer fun! I liked how they used blue and green frosting together to make the water and they use a plastic bag to make it, you don’t even need a decorator’s tip. Gumdrops and vanilla sandwich cookies make the turtles with a bit of licorice for the tails!

Sea Turtle Cupcakes

These turtles are so delightful they’ll be an endangered species at your child’s birthday party. Don’t worry. It’s easy to repopulate with a new nest of these cute creatures.

1. Place blue and green decorating frostings in separate resealable plastic bags and snip off a small piece from one corner of each bag. Pipe small mounds of frosting onto cupcakes, alternating colors. Use a thin metal spatula to swirl colors together.

2. Sprinkle brown sugar on the tops of the cupcakes. Split round vanilla sandwich cookies; discard filling. Place a cookie half on the center of each brown sugar-topped cupcake.

3. Halve green gumdrops lengthwise. Tuck five gumdrop halves under the edge of each cookie half for a head and four feet. (If necessary, flatten the gumdrop halves.)

4. Pipe blue and green designs onto the cookies for shell plates; sprinkle with blue or green colored sugar. Pipe blue eyes onto the turtles’ heads. Use black icing to pipe pupils onto the eyes. Insert small shoestring licorice pieces into frosting for tails.

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