pom-pom snowman

pom-pom snowman

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I loved this adorable little snowman pom-pom figure from Better Homes and Gardens! He is so cute with his little twig arms and red felt scarf and earmuffs. You’ll need a pom-pom maker to make him, or just buy them pre-made.

Pom-Pom Snowman Figurine

Pom-pom maker
Wool yarn: white
Waxed twine
Crafts glue
3-inch-diameter wood disk
Wool felt: red and white
Pinking shears
Acrylic paints: cream
Mica flakes
Glass beads: black
Felting needle
Wool roving: orange and red
Scallop decorative-edge scissors
Tiny silk flower
Two thin twigs
Glitter: red


1. Using a pom-pom maker and white yarn, make three dense pom-poms, tying each pom-pom with waxed twine. Trim pom-poms in graduating sizes.

2. With sharp scissors, trim the tops and bottoms of the two largest balls to make flat areas. On remaining ball (head), trim flat area on the bottom. Glue pom-poms together to make the snowman.

3. Using wood disk as a template, trace a circle onto red felt. Using pinking shears, cut out a red felt circle slightly larger than traced circle. Using pinking shears, cut of a white felt circle slightly larger than the red felt circle.

4. Paint wood dish cream. When dry, cover top of disk with glue and sprinkle with mica flakes. Glue felt circles and disk together and glue snowman on top.

5. Glue black beads to head pom-pom for eyes. Needle-felt a small amount of orange wool roving to make carrot nose. Glue in place.

6. Needle-felt red wool roving to make two 3/4-inch balls. Cut balls in half (one half is usually bigger than the other). Choose matching halves for earmuffs. Using scallop decorative-edge scissors, cut a headband from red felt. Glue headband and earmuff halves to head.

7. Cut a 5/8×10-inch strip from red felt for scarf. Fringe the ends. Wrap and glue scarf around neck. Apply glue over silk flower and sprinkle with mica flakes. Glue flower to scarf.

8. For arms, apply glue to twigs and sprinkle with red glitter. Glue arms into middle pom-pom.

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