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I just love these lovely dove shaped dinner rolls from Rhodes Bread. They look more like something I’d decorate my home with than eat, but will certainly make a stunning addition to any Spring menu. They don’t have a video to show how to make these, but they just start out with a long piece of dough that is knotted. Then you make one end the head and one end the tail. Bread dough is pretty forgiving, so it’s easy to fix any mistakes until you get it just how you want it. And they turn out just beautiful with their tiny almond beak and clove eyes!

Dove Dinner Rolls

12 Rhodes™ White Dinner Rolls, thawed but still cold
slivered almonds
1 egg, beaten
Roll each roll into a 9-inch rope. Make a loop. Put one end of the dough through the center. The long end of the knot will be the dove’s tail, and the other end will be the dove’s head. Place on a sprayed baking sheet. With scissors, cut 3 slashes in the widest end and spread to form tail feathers. In the head, cut a place for the beak and press a slivered almond in it. Brush with egg, cover with sprayed plastic wrap and let rise for about 20 minutes. Remove wrap and bake at 350°F 15-20 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove from oven and press cloves into the heads for eyes.