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I thought these Easter Basket Cookies from Snackpicks were completely adorable! I love how she used sugar free cookies, since my kids sure get more than enough sugar at Easter. Plus, it’s so cute how they stand up on their own!

Murray Sugar Free® Sandwich cookies Vanilla Creme
Colorful Candies
Fruit Straws (or shoestring licorice)
Vanilla Frosting
Licorice strips

1. Cut the shoestring licorice into eight equal sized pieces for eight basket handle pieces. Set aside.

2. Gently cut the top of the cookies off. I found that a gentle sawing motion worked well.

3. Dab a small amount of frosting onto one of the cut off top pieces. Then “glue” the cut off piece to the bottom of the cookie basket portion with frosting, so the cookie sits upright on top of frosting.

4. Insert the ends of the licorice piece in between the sandwich cookies as shown to create the Easter basket handles.

5. Spread frosting on top of the cookie between the straw ends. Gently sprinkle coloful candies on top of frosting for the “eggs” in the basket.