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Enjoy the cuteness of the day with this fun idea. 😍

This is a lovely hard-bound book of memories to share with our wonderful mothers! Each page offers different prompts, and some space for a brief hand-written response. The book itself is well-bound, with a lovely blue-purple color palette, and very nice design and border illustrations throughout. More than that, though, are the thoughtful prompts, like, “My favorite place we visited are…” It’s followed up with a second area, labeled, “Because…” As our mothers get older, we want them to know that we remember and appreciate all the wonderful things they did for us, and with us.

I think this will be a wonderful keepsake for them, and someday, for me again, when they pass on. It’s been so rewarding filling it out for us, too. Such a wonderful gift to share with them. It goes beyond “I love you,” to all the many, many reasons why and all the joys, and struggles, and fun we’ve shared in our wonderful lives together.

What a wonderful idea for Father’s day! This beautiful hard-bound keepsake notebook/journal is filled with nice blue-green watercolor illustrations and borders, with prompts to write out things we remember and did together growing up. There are a few blank lines to fill out for each question.

For example, “You used to always tell me to…” followed by “And I finally understand…” It’s actually really easy and fun to fill out, and I think will be a wonderful gift to show and explain my gratitude to our fathers, well beyond just telling them thanks. Here, I can explain why in a variety of ways. Really an inspiring gift.

This is a lovely keepsake book that you can help your children fill out as a gift for their grandfathers. The design and watercolor borders are really nice. And on each page is a prompt to explain about things they remember and enjoy with their grandpa. For example, “I like when you tell me stories about…” and “I had fun when you taught me how to…” There are a few lines which follow for you, or them, to fill out and explain. It’s easy and fun to fill out, and will be such a cherished keepsake for your father and your child. A really heartwarming gift!

This is a lovely hard-bound keepsake notebook with pretty watercolor illustrations, sayings, and borders, with prompts to write about your children’s appreciation for your mother. The questions are fun to fill out and heartwarming to write and hear. My children and I are going through the questions over a few weeks to give them time to think about how they want to answer on the few lines that follow.

For example, “When I think about coming to your house…” and “When I walk in the door at your house I feel…” Such lovely thoughts, and what a cherished keepsake we are creating together. How I wish I’d been able to fill out one of these for my own grandmother. She was such an important part of my life, and I hope she knew how much I loved and appreciate her. I don’t want my own children — or my loving mother — to wonder about such things, so I’m so happy to share this with them both.