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penguin cake topper

penguin cake topper

I was contacted about an Etsy shop with some fun items that I could share with you! It is called Perlilla Pets and the shop owner is from Italy and makes several kinds of handmade items. She made the penguin cake toppers (above) to use as an adorable touch on top of a wedding cake!

“This adorable couple of bride and groom penguins is hand made in Italy from clay, for your wedding cake! Included in the listing there is a snow base full of glitter and decorated with white daisies, note that every flowers has a crystal inside! Figurines are not fixed to the base so you can choose to position them the way you like more. Penguin bride has a tulle fixed with flowers and a precious bouquet, penguin groom has a black bow, is already elegant because penguins always wear a tuxedo!”

Know someone who likes froggies? And is getting married? How about this cake topper?

Frogs cake topper, cute, funny, unique, hand made in Italy with modelling clay for a wedding cake. It is rich of details, modelled with great care and passion, it requires many hours of work and I don’t use molds. All subjects come from my fantasy and my drawings. In this pictures frog bride is wearing a white skirt and a veil with a bow and she has a bouquet of water lilies. Note that she has the lipstick and wears a ring! Groom has a grey jacket and a tie and he also wears a ring. They are so funny with their big round eyes!!”

And she makes Halloween houses, perfect for the upcoming season!

“This house is the second of a series of 3 wooden haunted houses hand painted and decorated by me, each one is unique, one of a kind, numbered and with a certificate of authenticity. Halloween House is lovingly handmade, it is very funny and rich of details and cute monsters…You will love it! The part in front of the house opens and reveals a small compartment and the word “Happy Halloween” as you can see in the last image.”

She even does paintings of beloved pets!

“The portrait captures a moment and projects it to eternity, it’s the perfect gift for any pets lovers, a gift for you or who you love that brings so much life, memory, affection, love…”

Check out the Perlilla Pets Etsy shop to see more!