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silk heart shirt

silk heart shirt

Here’s a beautiful heart shirt, perfect for Valentine’s Day, and handmade in Italy! This “lovely” silk creation is made by Sara Biondi on Etsy. If you would like to see more of Sara’s stunning fashion creations, click here to go to her store. You can read below for more about Sara Biondi and the delightful heart shirt!

“My name is Sara Biondi
I’m a independent designer who works, lives, and studies in Rome, Italy.
I’ve been drawing, since I was 14, everlasting clothes inspiring myself to Coco Chanel who said: ‘’fashion passes, style remains!’’.
Designing clothes represents all along my passion.
I plan every piece of cloth with great care, starting from seeking for fine fabrics (I use only fabrics made in Italy).
Furthermore there is just one exemplar for every pattern.
So if you are looking for clothes that are unique and make you feel special through the Italian style, choose a Sara Biondi’s clothing!
Enjoy to find your perfect cloth on my Etsy-account!

Graduated from ‘’Accademia della Moda e del Costume ‘’ of Siena (Italy).
Student at ‘’Università della Moda e del Costume’’ at La Sapienza, University of Rome.

heart shirt made of Pure SilkFrom SaraBiondi HandMADE IN ITALY

I love this shirt! It’s Passion at its purest form!

This piece is made of pure shantung silk. Fabrics are totally made in Italy to guarantee an high quality.

Hearts and armholes are round off beads. It’s a very luxurious piece, perfect for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, St. Valentine or for a romantic night…

Don’t exist copies. You will have the unique piece.

Ready to ship.

This dress has been made for a model with these measurements (but can fits a little more too):

USA size 12

UK size 10

ITALY taglia 42

FRANCE size 38-40″