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365 cake pops

365 cake pops

I recently found out about a really fun site called 365 Cake Pops. The site owner has committed to producing a new cake pop every day and is doing a fabulous job at it! Me and my kids had a great time looking at all of her creative and adorable cake pops. Joey, the owner, told me a little about her site and how she came up with the admirable goal of making a new cake pop every day:

“This is a challenge I have given myself to see if I can create a new cake pop every day, as an extension to the Pop.O.Licious brand. Nationally, each day is recognized for something and I’m going to come up with a themed cake pop to match each of these ‘special’ occasions. My family loves a good reason to celebrate and this will give us something to smile about every day! My goal is to inspire your creativity, for you to walk away learning a random fact or two, and, of course, to brighten your day.

I started my blog in early February of this year, so I’ve been at it for almost eight months. I originally got my inspiration for doing cake pops from Bakerella. But I got the idea for the blog simply because my family loves to celebrate holidays, and I thought I could expand on the cake pop idea by incorporating things from each day. We’re having a blast so far.”

I think she did a great job on the adorable spider cake pops above. They turned out so perfect! And there’s even more Halloween ideas on her site, including these spooky witches hats:

Or fun Frankenstein cake pops made from Rice Krispie treats:

Candy corn cutie cake pops!  I love how he’s holding the little pumpkin!

Or these little guys named for the Smashing Pumpkins band!

How about an inventive holder for your cake pops? Click here for instructions!

You can check back every day, to see what is new on 365 Cake Pops! (BTW, I love her cute twitter sign on her site made from cake pops!)