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cookie flowers

cookie flowers

I recently found out about a blog called Blossomedge, that shows how to make gorgeous and realistic looking fondant cookie flowers, like the beautiful daffodils and other flowers pictured in the all edible bouquet in the photo above. I spent a lot of time on her site looking at all the lovely floral creations. They are just stunning and I really love how she says they are so simple that even children can make them. She has instructions on her site for making them and also sells a DVD (very reasonably priced). This would be a good craft to get the DVD for, since it’s really helpful to watch her work and see how it’s done. Joanie sent me some (interesting!) information about her background and how she got interested in making fondant flowers:

“My love for sugar arts started when I was a young child. I was extremely fascinated by frosting roses. So when I was 9 yrs old, my mom gave me a Wilton cake decorating set along with an instructional booklet. I was thrilled when I made my first rose but what really stuck with me was a photo on the back cover of the book! It was an advertisement for a course on making gumpaste flowers. Being a small child, I thought gumpaste flowers were made out chewing gum and imagined how wonderful they must taste! Years later, I tried to eat one and of course, it tasted terrible. I will never forget the feeling of utter disappointment when I discovered that gumpaste flowers weren’t meant to be eaten but were for decoration only! And that really bothered me…lol From there on, I was determined to figure out a way to make 3 dimensional flowers edible.

Fast forward a few decades now…I figured out a way to make realistic-looking flowers using cookies as the support for the 3 dimensional aspect but I wanted the cookie flowers to taste good as well. As soon as I put regular fondant on the cookies, they tasted bad. So I set out to discover a new way to make fondant that actually tasted good. I tried many different concoctions but nothing ever worked and I was even destroying my saucepans trying to come up with something very unique. I thought maybe there was no other way to make fondant and abandoned my quest for a new fondant…

Then one day, I was making whoopie pies and needed a filling. I was in a rush and didn’t feel like making frosting so I decided to open a can of ready made frosting and added melted white chocolate to it to see what would happen. It seized and was a disaster – or so I thought. I was looking at my hard lumpy mess in the bowl while absent-mindedly playing with a chunk of the frosting in my hand – and then I realized, it was becoming soft and clay-like. After working with the proportions, I developed Blossom Fondant, an easy to make, creamy-tasting yummy fondant that tastes nothing like any regular fondant out there. (Just a side note – it doesn’t work for covering cakes but is perfect for all your cookie decorating needs).”

I really enjoyed this video where Joanie shows a simple way to roll out cookie dough:

And in this video, she shows how to make a stunning violet cupcake display:

If you enjoy making and decorating cookies, you should definitely check out the Blossomedge Blog’s innovative techniques!