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cheesy shirts

cheesy shirts

It can be a little difficult to find stuff dad will like for Father’s Day sometimes. These themed cheese and crackers from FamilyFun would be a great appetizer now. And fun for the kids to help make, also. Using crackers, sliced cheese and little extras like pepperoni and pepper cut to look like ties, buttons, pockets and more, I think Dad would really love them!

A Cheesy Gift for Dad


Crackers (we used RyKrisp)
American cheese slices
Red or green bell pepper
Yellow mustard


For each shirt, top a cracker with a rectangle of cheese.

Next, cut shirt details, such as a collar, pocket, tie, or button seam, out of cheese, peppers, or pepperoni.

Use thinly sliced scallions or dots of yellow mustard for buttons.

For a fun presentation, wrap Dad’s treat in a small jewelry box lined with waxed paper.