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cute little critters

cute little critters

Over at the Hungry Happenings blog, Beth has been busy making some really cute little critters! These would be fun for school lunches, parties or for Halloween! Beth makes such fun treats, but also does a fantastic job at walking you through each of the steps and giving very complete explanations, so that you can make everything she shows on her site. She is also readily available to answer any questions and give helpful suggetions for anything you might be stuck on. It’s always amazing to see her creations, and she is extra lucky to have had artist parents that exposed her to the world of arts and crafts from a young age.

Below are some pictures and links to some cute little critters on the Hungry Happenings site. There is a butterfly, centipede, caterpillar, ladybug, and a bee! They are all made out of basic foods that you find in the supermarket, but Beth turns them into adorable edible treats!

Mmmmm! These cute caterpillars are made out of cheesecake and cookies! Click here for full instructions.

This godlen butterfly is made from crescent roll dough and a hot dog! Click here for full instructions.

What a great idea to make a centipede out of corn dogs! So simple and yet so delightful! Click here for full instructions.

You can make these fun ladybugs out of pre-made Rice Krispie treats! Click here for full instructions.

Bees created out of corn dogs! Tasty and adorable! Click here for full instructions.

Beth has a lot of fun ideas coming up on her Hungry Happenings and Hungry Halloween blogs! Don’t miss it!