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groovy cake 2

groovy cake 2

One of my most popular posts here on Cute Everything has been the Groovy Cake. I found the Groovy Cake in my Internet wanderings on the Bright Ideas site, which is a site where they have lots of ideas using M&M’s. I thought it looked really fun and posted it here and it got linked to quite a bit. I am happy to have spread the love, even though I didn’t actually come up with the idea (although at this point, I sure wish I had!)

So, on the Fourth of July I got a pingback that someone had linked to the Groovy Cake on my site. I was excited to see what they had to say and followed the link to a cooking blog called Young Idealistic Baker, where I was absolutely delighted to see this version of the famous cake! The Young Idealistic Baker had made an excellent rendition of the original cake, but even better (in my opinion!) in that she made it in a sheet cake pan rather than making it as a layer cake. I thought the original cake was fantastic, but honestly, the layers just kind of scared me and I didn’t feel like I could attempt it. But I had never considered making it in a 9×13, which was definitely something I could do!

Another fun aspect of the Young Idealistic Baker’s version is that instead of thinking of it as a tie-dye cake, she saw fireworks! And that made it a perfect cake for the Independence Day holiday! Next year I will definitely be making this, I thought maybe it would look pretty in red, white and blue! With the holiday M&M’s around the edges, it could look pretty festive! Click here to get full instructions with step-by-step photos of how to make and decorate the cake.

She also has lots of other yummy treats on her blog, like the fresh lemon cookies:

the lemon almond cupcakes:

the peach tea cupcakes:

and more!

I want to thank the Young Idealistic Baker for allowing me to share her Fireworks Groovy Cake here! I sure appreciate it and really enjoyed seeing what a great (and inspiring) job she did with it.