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groovy cupcakes

groovy cupcakes

Here’s another take on the Groovy Cake theme. These cupcakes from Family Fun are extra easy to make just by mixing in sprinkles into the batter and using gel colors for the dramatic design on top. And they can be arranged in a peace sign symbol for extra impact. You can watch the video to see how super quick and easy it is to make the striking designs!

Groovy Cupcakes

28 baked cupcakes (for the peace sign)
White icing
4 or 5 colors of gel icing in a tube


Frost the cupcakes with white icing. Squirt a series of concentric circles of different-colored gel icing on each cupcake.

To create the tie-dye effect, draw a toothpick through the gel, moving from the center outward like a spiderweb. Arrange into a peace sign, as shown.