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royal wedding cakes

royal wedding cakes

The picture above is a Mini Princess Bride Cake, featuring Kate Middleton, and made of two stacked cupcakes that create a beautiful dress. With the Royal Wedding just around the corner, Betty Crocker decided to make four possible cakes (see them below) that the royal couple would love and they are letting people vote for their favorite cake, all made according to the theme of “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”. The resulting cakes are absolutely stunning with all kinds of lovely touches, including one cake that actually floats in the air!

Click here if you would like to vote for the cake you like the best. Right now, Something Blue is in the lead, with Something Old catching up quick! Voting ends March 18, with the winning cake to be announced on March 23.

“Classic, timeless, and elegant. This wedding cake takes its inspiration from a vintage chandelier – but with a modern twist. The majestic tiers, soft white color palette, gilded accents and romantic use of light make this cake gorgeous and traditional. The modern twist? With a flair for drama, this cake floats above us, suspended from the ceiling!”

“Fresh, surprising and novel. In this cake, the wedding dessert buffet meets the traditional British topiary. This cone-shaped tower of delightful desserts is an elegant white mosaic of our favorite sweets, from frosted sugar cookies to dainty petit fours to elegant-but-simple palmiers.”

This cake borrows from a dessert trend on the rise – pie. Here, piecrust is a decorative and delicious fondant on the cake. It is also used to create accents such as birds, a traditional English wedding cake icon.”

“Royal by nature, blue is the perfect color for this wedding. This design takes inspiration from the heirloom sapphire ring, as well as peacock feathers (traditionally associated with both courtship and royalty) and the feathered “fascinator” hats favored by the future Royal. Inside, this “peek-a-blue” cake features layers of Royal Blue Velvet Cake, a new spin on popular Red Velvet Cake!”

The Royal Blue Velvet Cake (featured in the Something Blue cake) is a new twist on a traditional red velvet cake, inspired by the royal heirloom sapphire engagement ring.