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strawberry pops

strawberry pops

Here’s a simple Valentine’s day treat from Kraft that uses pink strawberry flavored marshmallows and fresh strawberries. You can dip the marshmallows (or strawberries!) in melted dipping chocolate (white or regular) and then add some sprinkles, put them on a stick and you’re done! They can be grouped and placed in a vase to make a “bouquet” and they suggest using straws if they are to be for children.

Strawberrymallow Valentine Pops

What you need:

16 fresh strawberries
16 JET-PUFFED StrawberryMallows Marshmallows
1 tub (7 oz.) BAKER’S Dipping Chocolate, any variety, melted
Multi-colored sprinklesmake it

THREAD 1 each strawberry and marshmallow onto each of 16 small straws or wooden skewers.

DIP tops of marshmallows in chocolate, then in sprinkles. Refrigerate until firm.