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thg party finds

thg party finds

Been planning a party or get-together to celebrate the opening of The Hunger Games in theaters? I’ve gathered some fun ideas from all over that might give you some ideas to make your party great!

First is the THG “look”:

Katniss’ clothes.

Katniss’ makeup.

Beautiful earrings – the mockingjay and the pearl.

A floral wrist band from the Capitol.

And some party printables to decorate with.

And lots of food!

How about some District 12 Coal Cookies?

The Cookbook Queen has lots of awesome THG party food, like spice cake cookies, orange juice, goat cheese on bread with apple slices, poisonous berry cake, and chocolate rock candy.

Have to have Katniss’ squirrel cupcakes!

And, of course, Peeta’s white bread.

The Spinach Tiger made a delicious lamb stew with dried plums.

Erica’s Sweet Tooth made these fantastic THG cupcakes.

And here is another stew from The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook: From Lamb Stew to “Groosling” – More than 150 Recipes Inspired by The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Lizy Bakes made some gorgeous THG cookies.

These sweetheart cookies are pretty adorable – Love the sayings!

The famous mockingjay cupcake!

And this lunch with Cinna would be a great main dish, complete with flower roll.

Fictional Food has lots of other THG recipes, from Ration Grain Drop Biscuits, Peeta’s Burnt Nut Raisin Bread, Mellark’s Bakery Goat Cheese Apple Tarts, Reaping Supper Fish Stew with Greens, Mr. Mellark’s Cookies, Prim’s Goat Cheese, a lovely THG cake, and more!

My recipes has a fun slideshow that spotlights different foods from THG called: Recipes from Panem. They include everything from hot chocolate (above) to burnt bread and fondue. Click here to see the whole slideshow.

Comment if you have any others! Thanks!