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I hope to live on the road more than we have in the past someday. Meanwhile, I’ve started to wonder about the practical aspects. Especially money and health. If you have to eat out everyday, that’s going to eat into savings quickly. And if we try to live off of pop tarts, we’ll end up feeling awful no matter where we go. So that’s why I’m so happy to get this book! It solves both dilemmas, because it offers quick, healthy, and super easy to make recipes that are easy to cook on the road.

The shopping lists are really helpful (no wasted anything), and the recipes are really delicious — and healthy, too. The bacon cheddar pull-apart rolls are an easy to make family favorite here at home, along with the chicken tortilla soup, and the deep dish breakfast pizza. I like how the side dishes help keep the meal healthy and delicious, like the creamy cole slaw recipe, paired with the grilled salmon dinner. Nice photos throughout, with easy to follow directions, and the spiral binding makes the book extra easy to use and keep open — even on the road!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fill of scrambled eggs and some form of pork for breakfast every single time we go camping. It’s not bad, but you know, variety is the spice of life. And I normally wouldn’t eat like that, so why am I eating like that every time we go camping? So, I’m really thrilled with this book, which offers a bunch of easy-to-make, delicious, satisfying — and yet still healthy and nutritious — recipes for breakfast, including the kinds you’d want to eat at home, anytime.

And I know that, because we’ve been making a bunch of them at home, outdoors on our grill or altering them to cook in the kitchen. The Monte Cristo pull-aparts are an easy family favorite, as are the carrot cake pancakes (yum!), and the semi-homemade cinnamon rolls. All are super easy, delicious and fun to eat, and you feel great throughout the day, too — outdoors or at home! The book is well designed, with lavish photos throughout, and the spiral binding makes it super easy to lay open (and stay open!) on your camping bench or counter top.

This book really is genius. We eat soups for dinner, or a late night snack, almost every day (literally). So any ideas that help save time are a godsend. We’ve tried pre-cooking the onions, or mushrooms, the chicken, and other specific ingredients, but this is really an amazing idea that just hadn’t every occurred to us. The basic idea is to make one of several soup starters in advance — chicken, creamy, veggie, beef, and tomato — and then the night of, just throw in a handful of ingredients to customize the soup to whatever flavors and style of soup you like.

So, for the chicken starter we can make on a weekend, and then later enjoy a spicy curry, chicken tortilla, classic chicken noodle, and so on. All the recipes are fantastic, easy to do, and well written, with lots of great photos for every recipe, throughout. Such a relief to get this book!