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My spouse and I have a go-to gift regimen for all these weddings every June or so. We give a basic cookbook, a 9×13″ baking tray, and a box of brownie mix. It’s nice, helpful, and includes food that they can make as newlyweds. It’s a surefire thing. The only trick is what cookbook to give?? Well, I may have found the ultimate newlywed cookbook in this. It offers simple, easy to prepare dishes that even newlyweds can afford.

There are classic casseroles and dishes like the sweet and sour chicken I was raised with, that uses Catalina dressing and onion soup mix, mixed with apricot jam — a flavorful family favorite. There are a couple fancier recipes for fun, too, like the coconut shrimp, that my own family is delighted with. This is a really great, unassuming cookbook, that’ll help create family favorites for years and years to come.

This clever cookbook offers a wide range of inventive grilled cheese sandwiches that, while super simple to prepare, range from comfort food favorites to fancy flavors from around the globe. My kids love the waffle and chicken tender sandwich with Cajun flavors and ingredients. My DH love the Hot Potato with fried potatoes, bacon and sour cream on Texas toast.

I love the pesto sandwich with avocado and mozzarella and tomatoes, with Turkey on french bread. All the recipes can easily be swapped out with ideas from other recipes, of course. It’s been a fun and easy way for my whole family to make their own creative meals, using our little counter top grill, and with a minimum of cleanup. If you’re giving a gift of a plug-in grill or sandwich press, this is the cookbook to give with it!

I thought that as my kids got older and moved out, our holiday celebrations would sort of wind down with just our little ones still at home. What I didn’t expect was that when our kids, our children-in-law, and our grand kids all showed up at the holidays, we’d need to offer more and better dishes to celebrate than we did years ago. And yet, there’s still only so many hours in the day — so tight around the holidays, already.

I’m so happy with this cookbook, which offers delicious recipes, both classic and inventive, which can all be made ahead of the actual holidays. The cranberry orange relish is an immediate hit for all of us. It’s better than what the chain of roast chicken restaurants makes, and it keeps in the freezer until we’re ready to thaw and serve. The cheesy dill wreath is full of flavor and makes the house smell wonderful, yet is so easy to offer the day-of. Each recipe includes photos, clear instructions, and “prep ahead” and “serving day” instructions. So helpful!