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Where I live, I can feel Fall is coming quickly and I’m really looking forward to it You know I’m all about cute and fun ideas year round, and Halloween is one of the best times for amazing ideas. I thought these “Tarantula Tacos” (in photo above) would be such a great way to celebrate the season. I am always on the lookout for lunch and dinner treats for Halloween, especially before they go out trick or treating. I love how the simple addition of the olive “spider” make a whole new twist on the taco!


We also love Choco Tacos and I found a recipe on the Old El Paso site to make them ourselves! You just melt candy coating and dip the taco shells in it, then fill with fresh fruit and top with whipped cream. Yum!! We filled some with frozen yogurt, too, and they turned out perfect!

If you’d like to get some ideas for some delicious twists on taco night from Old El Paso, click here to see all of their recipes.

You can also visit the OldElPaso.com to see tons of recipes and ideas for Mexican food!

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