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My daughter has been creating little polymer clay figures for some time. And she’s gotten quite good, but wants to add more artistic cuteness to her little works. For my part, I’m delighted she’s developing a talent that’s helping her gain confidence. So, we were both happy to find this excellent book on making cute polymer clay figurines.

The book includes 50 super cute projects, although the techniques would help in creating almost infinite sculptures of your own. The portrayals are very cute, indeed. I love the soft rainbow-color pallette used throughout the full-color
book. The illustrations are each a delight, and the step-by-step photos are very helpful, alongside the clearly written instructions.

Each project lists the exact colors and tools, to make it easy to get things right the first time. Most only take a few minutes. And, I have to say, while some books offer instructions that end up with, well, mixed results, this book’s results are charming and endearing.

The projects include charms for little creatures like a smiling pineapple, pig, cloud, popsicle, or pickle. There are figurines and charms for a lollipop, donut, snail, penguin, mushroom, and cactus. There are also other kinds of objects like a hedgehog planter, a mountain scene candle holder, or rainbow soap dish. Some of them are really clever, too, like the pineapple heart planter, the unicorn brooch, or the French toast charm with his jaunty beret and happy little pat of butter.

It’s a truly well-made book and I am do grateful for it. It is helping my daughter grow artistically, and in her self-esteem, one cute little sculpture at a time.