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fairy houses

fairy houses

My kids and I have really enjoyed making fairy houses in the backyard with all kinds of leaves, acorns, wood, etc. I was delighted to see these gorgeous fairy houses from Magic Cabin, who has so many natural and creative toys for children. They say they can be used outside, but I think I’d like to put them in little nooks and crannies all around my house!

Magic Cabin says, “When fairies need a respite from their magical adventures, these whimsical resin homes are home sweet home. They’re beautifully decorated from front to back with flowers, vines and other details. Great for outdoor use, the houses are fully enclosed to keep out little unwanted critters. Get all five houses to create a fabulous fairy village in your garden or backyard. Decorative use only.”

They come in several styles (all adorable!)and are about 9″ tall:

Tree Stump Fairy House

Nest Fairy House

Pinecone Fairy House

Acorn Fairy House

Mushroom House

Fairies to go with the Fairy Houses