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russian doll earbuds

russian doll earbuds

Do you like Russian nesting dolls? I was fascinated by them as a child, and I still think they are just delightful! The fun surprise of opening one and finding a smaller one, I just loved it. So, naturally, I thought these Russian doll earbuds from Perpetual Kid were very, very cute! They come with two sets of tips for adult or child size ears. What an great attention grabber and conversation starter.

People will stop and do a double take when you pass by wearing these ear buds! So what if people think you have Russian nesting dolls coming out of your ears? Why listen to good music with the same ordinary, boring ear buds that everyone else uses? Stand out! Be distinctive!

Compatible with devices with a standard 3.5 mm headphone socket. Works with MP3 Players, PDA, Portable gaming systems and laptop computers.

Includes 2 sets of silicone tips.