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There’s a lot of rainbow cakes on the Internet right now and they are all so stunning. They are usually frosted in white and then the colorful surprise comes when you slice into the cake. This cake from Pillsbury is a little different, though. It is made up of angel food cake and sherbet, both of which are low in fat (or fat free). Then if you choose to forgo the real whipped cream topping and use light Cool Whip or something like that, its actually not so bad for you! You could choose any sherbet flavors you want; I thought rainbow sherbet would look really fun! I love the Haagen Daz mango and raspberry sorbets, I think I’ll have that for my next birthday!

If you have leftover sherbet, you can make a sherbet rainbow out of it! Below you can see a recipe from Taste of Home for a sherbet rainbow. It’s actually not as hard as it looks, you just use a round cake pan and spoon in sherbet to shape rings, freeze, then pop it out and cut it in half. After you press it together and smooth it out, you have a beautiful rainbow!

Fruit and Cream Cake

1 round angel food cake (8 or 9 inch)
1 cup raspberry sherbet, slightly softened
1 cup lime sherbet, slightly softened
1 cup orange sherbet, slightly softened

1 pint (2 cups) whipping cream
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla


1. Slice cake horizontally into 4 equal layers. Place bottom cake layer on freezer-safe serving plate; spread with raspberry sherbet. Top with second cake layer; spread with lime sherbet. Top with third cake layer; spread with orange sherbet. Place fourth cake layer on top. Freeze until sherbet is firm, about 1 hour.

2. In large bowl, beat all frosting ingredients with electric mixer on low speed until soft peaks form. Beat on high speed until stiff peaks form, scraping side of bowl occasionally. Frost side and top of cake. Freeze until firm before serving, at least 30 minutes. A long serrated knife or an electric knife works well for slicing the cake.

Sherbet Rainbow Recipe

2-1/2 cups lime sherbet, softened
2 cups orange sherbet, softened
1-3/4 cups raspberry sherbet, softened
3/4 cup lemon sherbet, softened
Whipped topping, flaked coconut and blue liquid food coloring

Line a 9-in. round pan with waxed paper. Firmly press the lime sherbet into a 1-in. ring around the edge of pan. Smooth inside of the ring with a metal spatula or butter knife. Immediately form rings with orange and raspberry sherbet. Smooth inside ring; fill in center with lemon sherbet. Freeze overnight or until firm. Loosen edge with a knife. Invert onto a 12-in. square piece of waxed paper. Remove waxed paper from top of sherbet. Cut in half. Press two halves together, forming a half circle. Smooth rounded edge. Transfer rainbow, cut side down, to a freezer-proof serving platter. Just before serving, spoon whipped topping “clouds” at each end of rainbow if desired. Tint coconut with food coloring; sprinkle over topping. Yield: 10 servings.