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video: patriotic shirts

video: patriotic shirts

Need a shirt for the Fourth’s festivities? Watch the video above to see Family Fun make a fun fireworks shirt that is perfect for parades and more!

The star shirt below would be easy to make with a simple star shape made out of a sponge or even a potato! Have a great holiday!

Patriotic Shirts


Plain T-shirt
Glittery fabric paint
Paper plate
Pipe cleaners


Start by placing a few sheets of newspaper inside a plain T-shirt.

Pour one or more colors of glittery fabric paint onto a paper plate.

Create a stamp (for each color paint) to print fireworks: arrange four pipe cleaners in a bunch, pinch the center, then bend all eight ends over your thumb and twist them together a few times, forming a loop. Spread apart the ends and bend up the tips, as shown in video.

To use the stamp, dip it into the paint so that it’s evenly coated and press it firmly onto the fabric.

Once you’ve finished your design, allow the paint to dry thoroughly, and refer to the paint manufacturer’s directions before laundering the shirt.