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frosty & friends

frosty & friends

Watch the video above to see more fun Christmas craft ideas.

Dig in your scrap basket and gather your mateless socks to make these cuties! These snowmen are made from socks and other scraps, and I think they are adorable decorations for the wintertime!

Frosty and Friends
Snow cute! These soft puppets are made from craft scraps, spare buttons, and socks.

What You’ll Need:
* Two white tube socks
* Needle
* Thread
* Polyester fiber fill
* Ribbon or fabric scrap
* Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
* Small buttons
* Pom-poms
* Black and red felt
* Black or gray baby sock
* Scissors

Make It:
Cut off ribbed end of both tube socks. Fill one sock about 3/4 full with fiber filling, then insert second sock up through the middle filling. Hand-sew a few stitches at the toe to keep inner sock in place. Tie a fabric scrap or piece of ribbon around the neck as a scarf (make it tight enough to create a neck, but loose enough for a kid’s hand to fit inside the sock). Use buttons, fabric scraps, felt, and pom-poms for snowman’s features; attach securely with hot glue or hand-sew. Cut a small baby sock in half and roll up ends slightly to create a hat; hot-glue to top of sock. To keep stuffing inside the puppet, hot-glue or hand-sew the two socks together around the base, leaving an opening in the middle for a child’s hand to fit through.